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Deno Muller and Fran Martin receive Grand Master status

Posted at Fri, Feb 21, 2020 11:30 AM

There’s exciting news at Eide Ford — two sales consultants reached Grand Master status for 2019! That means they not only sold at least 250 vehicles each, but at least 100 of those vehicles were brand new.

We’re thrilled to have the best of the best serving North Dakota drivers here in Bismarck-Mandan. Congratulations to Deno Muller and Fran Martin for this accomplishment!

Thank You to a Loyal Customer Base

This accomplishment isn’t just about selling vehicles. In order to truly be an excellent sales consultant in the auto industry, Deno and Fran realize the importance of customer loyalty and building a long-lasting customer base over time. That means our customers don’t just drive away in a new vehicle; they also drive away with a positive experience they’ll come back for.

“I have one family from Ray, North Dakota who bought four vehicles from me in just one year!” Fran says. It’s become a family ordeal for them, and it’s so cool that I’ve sold everyone in their family a vehicle.”

When thinking about the customer base he has built, Deno thinks of one man who returns to Eide Ford no matter where he is in the country.

He is in the military, so I’ve driven a vehicle out to Minnesota for him.Then, he moved down south and recently contacted me about flying back to North Dakota to buy another vehicle from me,” Deno explains.

As Fran points out, customers from all over North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and more could work with any dealership to buy the same vehicle, but they choose to come to Bismarck for a reason!

“It blows me away,” Fran says. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to work for our customers.”

A Diligent, Team-Wide Effort

While Deno and Fran are the ones with the “Grand Master” titles behind their names for 2019, both agree that selling a combined 500 vehicles is a team accomplishment.

“We have a process in place,” Fran explains. “Our service department is awesome with our customers. Our managers are in tune with us and offer support and encouragement. We all make this possible. We, as Eide, earned this award together.”

A Look at Deno’s 2019

You’ve likely read about Deno on the Eide Ford blog before. After all, he’s been the Salesman of the Year every year since 1997. (Yeah, you read that right.)

When asked if any of those vehicle sales stick out as a highlight, he recalls one he made in May 2019.

“A 70-year old gentleman came in looking to buy his first brand new vehicle that he’d ever bought in his life,” Deno explains. “He drove home that day in his brand new F-150.”

So, what’s the key to Deno’s success? Why do customers return to him vehicle after vehicle? He says it’s all about being polite and helping solve their problems — values he learned years ago as a young man working at the Bismarck Tribune.

“I couldn’t be doing something I enjoy more,” Deno says of his years working at Eide Ford. “Thank you to all my customers for your continued business.”

A Hard-Fought Accomplishment for Fran

While Fran doesn’t have decades of experience in the auto industry like Deno does, she is certainly taking her first couple of years at Eide Ford by storm!

(In fact, since achieving the Grand Master status, she’s been promoted to Eide’s Training Manager!)

“This took a lot of sweat and tears,” Fran says. “When I was first hired at Eide Ford in April 2018, I set out to be the first female to achieve Grand Master status. It’s an accomplishment I’m proud of, but it was done with a team of people who supported me in doing what I do best.”

Fran sold 250 vehicles in 2019 — right on the mark to hit the Grand Master status. She says that as a female in a male-dominated industry, she is extremely grateful to work for an organization that believes in everyone bringing their strengths to the table.

“I’m so grateful to be at Eide,” Fran says. “Everything's coming together. I’m buying my first home and I’m so excited for the future.”

Find Your Next Ford From Our Outstanding Team

Whether you come to Eide Ford to see Fran, Deno, or another one of our award-winning staff, you’ll be glad you did. Find your next Ford car, truck, or SUV here in Bismarck and see for yourself why so many customers keep returning!

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