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Deno Muller, Bismarck's Ford Salesman of the Year in 2016

Posted at Mon, Jan 30, 2017 3:54 PM

Congratulations to Ardeen "Deno" Muller, our salesman of the year from 2016!

Deno exemplifies what we look for in a standout Eide Ford Lincoln employee. He selflessly puts the customers first, and uses his knowledge to find them the best vehicle at the fairest price.

Deno was recently featured on the blog as the November 2016 Salesman of the Month.  He's a valuable leader on our sales team, having won Salesman of the Year every year since 1996, when we started awarding the title.

So how does he do it?

What it takes to win salesman of the year

Our Salesman of the Year award is based on three criteria:

  1. Brand new Ford and Lincoln vehicle sales
  2. Pre-owned vehicle sales
  3. Quality Commitment Program (QCP) ratings from customers

In the last year, Deno sold 295 vehicles - an incredible number by its own right - but it is truly in serving our customers' needs that he shines.

"I just like helping people," he'll tell anyone who asks how he pulls off so many sales every month.

In November, he sold 32 vehicles, getting in shouting distance of his all-time best sales month at 35 vehicles.

Deno Muller's Sales dynasty

2017 will be Deno's 23rd year working with Eide Ford Lincoln.

Always quick to give credit for any recognition to his customers, we're proud to have such a hard-worker become a mainstay at the store.

Not only does Deno have a strong presence on the sales floor - he is able to use the experience he's gained in over two decades to show younger salesmen and saleswomen how to best serve our North Dakota car shoppers.

He says the most important thing a salesperson can do is put the customer in front of the right person to help them. When you have an entire team that excels at what they do, Deno says it's important to admit when someone else is better equipped to give the customer what they are after.

Visit DENO and our other SALES Staff

Deno is grateful to his wife for tirelessly supporting him, to his managers and all of his teammates in Bismarck, and, of course, to the customers who trust him to help them find the perfect car or truck.

So come see Deno and the rest of the Eide Ford team to learn what has kept this superb salesmen with us for so long.

"We have a lot of caring people here - not just before, during, or after the sale but all the way through," he says. "Taking care of the customer is our top priority."

Deno can be reached at [email protected] or at (701) 220-9777

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