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Eide Ford's Employee of the Month: Fran Martin

Posted at Thu, Apr 11, 2019 3:05 PM

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Eide Ford's team is dedicated to providing an excellent experience for every customer, and our people are willing to help out wherever they're needed.

Exceptional employees such as these keep things running smoothly both behind the scenes and in front of customers! 

We're excited to have Fran Martin as one of our team members, and proud that she's the Employee of the Month and  Salesperson of the Month!

Meet Fran

General Sales Manager, Jesse Schuchard, says Fran was nominated for both of these awards because, "Fran displays a phenomenal work ethic and her customers love her. She fires up the staff to push themselves to be better. She is a floor leader and the rest of the staff really respect her."

Thank you Fran, for your contagious enthusiasm and dedication to great customer care!

Fran Martin, Employee and Salesperson of the Month!

Fran Martin
Sales Consultant 

Eide Ford's Employee of the Month and Salesperson of the Month for March 2019

Q: Employee of the Month and Salesperson of the Month! Congrats! What's your secret?
Yeah! It's kind of groovy. 
The secret is just do what you need to do, and it all works out. It's all about following the process and being consistent and listening. That’s the biggest thing of all — listening to what the customers need. 

Q: How long have you been at the dealership?
It was my one year anniversary on the day I found out I had been nominated. 
My draw to join the team was because Eide Ford was a President's Award recipient four years in a row — it was three years at the time that I was job-searching — and it's the #1 dealership in the region. 
Another draw was the service department. I can't sell products if they don't have a place to get them fixed! 
Q: What does a typical workday look like for you?
Depends on the day, depends on the weather conditions and the stuff you're dealing with! I try to get here and reach out to customers and set everything up so there's no rush for the customers or for me. 
Day in and day out — you have to have fun and you have to get along with everyone you work with. You have to be able to trust who you're working with, that they can trust your co-workers to handle your customers, even if it's unplanned. 
It's a fun atmosphere here — fun, focused, driven, you're required to perform. 
Q: What's your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part is delivering the vehicle. Going through everything on that vehicle, doing whatever we can do to make sure they really enjoy every part of it, shaking their hands at the very end and knowing they're happy at the end of it. 
I just do my job, do it the best I can, and care 100% about my customers. It's really thrilling and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Q: What do you drive, and what will your next vehicle be?
I drive a 2017 F-150. I like the ability to be able to haul stuff and help people and get from point a to point b with good gas mileage. 
It's my third pickup, and I lease all my vehicles. I will most definitely get another F-150 when my current lease is up...unless I decide to get a Ranger. 
Q: What do you do in your free time? 
I like to bake and make my own cards. It brings me joy to bake something, bring it to work, and have people get excited and ask, "what did you bring today?" — it helps create an atmosphere of family. 
Q: Why is Eide Ford a great place to do business? 
Because we do business the right way, right away. We create an environment where people feel like family and they don't feel rushed. Everyone here is true-blue honest and we're not going to put someone in something that isn't good for them.  

Thanks, Fran, for your loyalty to your customers and dedication to putting dreams in driveways.  
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