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Ford Edge vs Kia Sorento

Ford Edge vs. KIA Sorento Comparison

Eide Ford shows you the facts!

Shopping for a new SUV in Bismarck? The options are overwhelming from all the manufacturers. Even for the pros it can be mind boggling. That’s why the SUV experts at Eide Ford sat down to look and compare the TRUE differences between the Ford Edge and the KIA Sorento. Ford has a long history of revolutionizing the SUV market with its innovations. Take a look at the differences and you’ll surely be impressed by the “edge” the Ford Edge has over everyone else.

Check out the side-by-side comparison of the Ford Edge vs. KIA Sorento

Ford Edge - FACTS

  • Parking Assist Features
    • Enhanced Active Park Assist System that will help steer the SUV into a space.
    • Multiple cameras.
  • Rear Lift Gate
    • Hands free open and close by placing your foot under the rear bumper.
    • Key fob controls.
  • Power and Fuel Economy
    • Better fuel economy - EPA estimated rating of 21 city/29 hwy
    • 245 horsepower
    • 275 lb.-ft. of torque
  • SYNC Connect and SYNC 3:
      • Lock, unlock and start your Edge.
      • Make calls, return missed calls, read and send text messages.
      • Listen to your music and playlists.

Kia Sorento - Slick Talk

  • Power and Fuel Economy
    • Poor fuel economy - 20 city/27 hwy
    • Less horsepower - 240 horsepower
    • Less torque - 260 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Parking Assist Features.
    • Multiple cameras and that’s it!
  • Rear Lift Gate
    • Must push a button to close the rear lift gate. Not very hands free when you’re holding stuff.
    • Key fob controls.

Eide Ford doesn’t like to brag but the Ford Edge is the best SUV on the market with several more features than the competitors. The side-by-side comparison makes it clear and simple.

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