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The Eide Ford Sales Team Goes Golfing

Posted at Mon, Sep 25, 2023 8:30 AM

In May, our sales team at Eide Ford sold over 300 vehicles, a store record! 

To celebrate this huge accomplishment, the team got to go golfing at Apple Creek Country Club in Bismarck, ND.

We had 20 members of our sales team competing, making up 5 teams of four.

For a full day, they got to golf 18 holes and have friendly competition, even having two teams tie for first place, and doing a tie breaker to see who the winner is. 

The tie breaker competition was: two members from the tied teams, Alex Deyle and Ryne Balzer, had to tee off on the first hole at the same time, and then run down the hill. They had four clubs they could use, and they had to use each once, and whoever got their ball in the hole first was the winner! Deyle beat Balzer without much competition, bringing his team to victory.

“This golf outing was a blast,” says Ryne Balzer, Finance Director. “It was so fun to spend more time with the sales staff, building relationships outside of the workplace.”

“I was on Alex’s team, and he sure was the MVP,” said Jon Skinner, Sales Consultant. “It was super fun to hang out with everyone outside of work. It definitely helped our team to grow closer, which has already helped the environment on the sales floor strengthen.”

“I haven’t golfed much before, so this event helped me to improve my skills, while also having a bunch of fun with my teammates,” says Nina Dionne, Finance Assistant. 

We are extremely proud of our Sales Team for hitting such a milestone and breaking a huge record back in May. Congratulations everyone for this huge accomplishment!

Wishek and Sandstrom    Ryan O.   Chris and Jordan

Alex   Dylan and Andrew   Robert


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