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The Benefits of Leasing a Ford in Bismarck

Posted at Fri, May 22, 2015 10:44 AM


Leasing a vehicle in Bismarck: Flexibility. Value. Options.

When you shop for your next vehicle, there will be several decisions to make. Car or truck? New or used? Red or blue? Today, we want to help you answer an important question: Purchase or lease?

While leasing certainly isn't for everyone, it's proven to be a very beneficial option for many North Dakotans.

Lower payments.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to leasing a vehicle in Bismarck is the lower monthly payment. Compared to financing a new vehicle, leasing payments are usually lower than simlar term finance payments here in the Bis-Man area. This is because you are paying for the portion of the vehicle's value used during the lease term.

Plus, as opposed to financing a typical used vehicle with a similar payment, you are driving a brand-new vehicle under a factory warranty.


Lesees can customize their new Ford vehicles through Eide Ford at the time of purchase with approved accessories, plus they can even order in a new Ford to lease to get exactly the trim, colors and features they want. 

Additionally, leases come in a variety of mileage options to fit your driving needs. Eide Ford offers lease options ranging from 10,500 to 19,500 miles per year. Plus, if you need more than 19,500 miles, you have the option of including additional miles for less cost than what you would be charged at lease-end. You are responsible for any excess mileage charges unless you choose to purchase the vehicle. 

Lease-end options.

Eide Ford offers three great options for you at lease-end. Whichever you choose, we are committed to making your lease-end experience smooth and convenient. 

1. Buy or lease your next Ford

Eide Ford offers a variety of competitive financing options in Bismarck with benefits and features designed to make driving home in a new Ford affordable and convenient.

To assist you in making your vehicle decision, we've provided some important information to consider when thinking about your next vehicle purchase.

2. Purchase your leased vehicle

Ford's Red Carpet Lease provides the lessee listed on the Lease Agreement the option to purchase their leased vehicle. The lessee simply has to obtain the purchase option price from Eide Ford and set up a quick appointment to complete the process before your scheduled lease-end date.

3. Return your lease vehicle

Eide Ford provides the option of returning your vehicle at lease-end. By completing the Vehicle Return Checklist, you can ensure a smooth and convenient vehicle return. 

After you satisfy any remaining financial obligations under the lease contract, you can complete your vehicle return transaction at the dealership. 

If you move during your lease, and it is no longer convenient to return your lease vehicle to Eide Ford, you may return or purchase your leased vehicle through any participating Ford dealer. Be sure to schedule an appointment in advance.

Have questions? Eide Ford has answers.

If you're interested in leasing a new vehicle, please contact our sales department at 855-416-8002. 

Any of our new Ford vehicles are available to lease here in Bismarck, and we have more than 200 in stock. 

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