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Our Newest Master Certified Technician is Ready to Help Our Bismarck Customers

Posted at Mon, Apr 29, 2019 5:34 PM

“We have a good history of fixing vehicles right, the first time.” That’s something that we’re proud of here at Eide Ford, and it’s due in part to the fact that we have five Certified Master Technicians working with your vehicles, the most recent of whom is the guy who we just quoted — Scott Ullrich. He’s been with us for over eight-and-a-half years, and we’re excited to have him join the group of Masters. It’s one more way that we’re committed to providing excellent service in Bismarck.

Keep reading to find out more about Scott’s accomplishment and how it benefits our customers!

About the Program

So how, exactly, do you become a Master Certified Technician? According to Ryan Else, the Eide Ford Service Manager, it’s a five-year process, and it all starts with choosing an area to specialize in (you can specialize in three areas: drivetrain, chassis, or engine), and then you take online classes.

"Once you’ve completed the online training, you spend a week outside of Minneapolis doing hands-on training, and you make 26 different trips to do that. It’s a lot of time.”

But the payoff of all that time?

“He’ll get to work on any vehicle that comes into the shop, and he’s allowed to work on warranty repairs for Ford. He’s studied every section of Ford repairs — he dived into Ford-specific training that’s taught by the people who make these vehicles.”

That means excellent care for your Ford vehicle!

About Scott

Ready to meet our newest Master Certified Technician? Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know the guy who may be handling your Ford needs in the near future:

Q: This is a major accomplishment! Congrats! What was the training like?

A: It was really good training. The guys at the Twin Cities training center did a really good job. All the information was very accurate in relating to the job.

Q: What part of this new role are you the most excited about?

A: It might sound bad, but finally being done with the training is one of the things I’m excited about. Also being at the top tier in the shop, being the person that people go to with questions.

Q: Which Ford model do you really enjoy working on?

A: We see a lot of F-150s, so we know their common problems and quirks. That comes in handy.

Q: What’s one maintenance thing that more customers should keep an eye on with their vehicles?

A: I would say, keep an eye on the fluids — coolant, oil levels, that kind of thing. Also, read the owner’s manual about how to operate certain vehicles — like 4x4s — in certain conditions, like winter.

Q: Why do you think people should come to Eide Ford for their service needs?

A: We have a lot of great guys that work back here. We’ve got five Senior Masters and a great mixture of senior guys. We have guys that are just starting out and guys that have been in the field for a while.

We have a good history of fixing vehicles right the first time, and folks back here seem to like us. We’re friendly and get their vehicles done on time or sooner than expected.

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So there you have it! Come get your car serviced by folks who really know what they’re doing when you visit the Eide Ford service bay. You can schedule your service appointment online or give us a call to set something up. See you soon!

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