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Off Roading In Style: At The Bronco Off-Rodeo Grounds in Las Vegas, NV.

Posted at Mon, Nov 27, 2023 11:00 AM

One of the coolest things that Ford offers to its Bronco customers is an exclusive off-roading experience at their Bronco Off-Rodeo base camp outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

In October, our very own Chris Hill, Business Manager at Eide Ford, got to experience the Bronco Off-Rodeo for himself. 

For 5 hours, Chris got to experience what Bronco owners get to experience at the base camp. One of the most informative things is learning from experts how to use all of the Broncos capabilities and safety features, and how to get the full Bronco experience every time and everywhere you drive. 

For the first hour, they got a tutorial of how to use the Bronco, and what to expect on their off-roading trip, where they got to go rock crawling in the mountains. 

For the next three hours, they got to take a Bronco rock crawling all by themselves! For Chris, this was his absolute favorite part: “You get to go places you’d never be able to go normally. I got to learn all about the many off-roading capabilities of the Bronco in depth, and then got to drive it and use the features all by myself.”

For the last hour, they got on the Bronco Raptor Experience. During this, they got to ride in the Bronco Raptor while one of the experts drove them through “Raptor Valley,” their very own Bronco Raptor course they modified to get the best experience. 

“I always thought Broncos looked cool, but never wanted one myself,” said Chris. “But after being able to experience the Off-Rodeo, I want one of my own. This was one of the coolest experiences, and was worth every minute I got to spend there. If I ever get a chance to go back, I would go immediately.”

To learn more about the Bronco Off-Rodeo, visit their website at! They have 4 locations and many different experiences for Bronco owners and Non-Bronco Owners.

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