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The new 2021 Ford Bronco on the Off-Road trails.

Inside the “Bronco Off-Roadeo”: an Off-Road Playground

Posted at Tue, Jun 22, 2021 10:00 AM

For those who have always wanted to see what a Ford Bronco could do off of main roads, a few members of our team went and found out!

The new Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Park

Off-Road Adventures

Set about an hour from Austin, Texas, you will find the Bronco Off-Roadeo, an outdoor off-roading playground built to test and show off all that the new Ford Bronco can do. 

We got to see how this vehicle handles various terrain with its Trail-1 Pedal Drive and G.O.A.T (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) modes in action while driving around wide open Texas land. 

With multiple trails to choose from with various difficulty levels and courses, we were able to see all of the new Ford Bronco’s best features and engineering at work. On the front display you’re able to follow trail maps while having total visibility of your surroundings with 360-degree cameras. 

Additionally, the team took everyone through the history of the Bronco name, safe rigging guidelines, and proper off-road recovery.

The Bronco Off-Roadeo will have four locations across the country and will be open to anyone – beginner or pro – wanting to expand their off-roading skills. 

Eide Ford in Texas for Ford Bronco Off-Roading

Taking the Trails

Only dealership personnel are able to get behind the wheel right now and we wanted to see for ourselves what the new Bronco could do. General Store Manager Corey Rennich and New Car Manager Adam Griffith made the trip to Texas to try out this off-road experience for themselves and we got Griffith to give a few more details. 

“This was the first time I have been able to get behind the wheel of a full-size Bronco, so this was really cool. We drove over everything out there on those trails, we drove over creeks, different rock trails, sand, hills, gravel—they had us test on everything you could think of,” said Griffith when asked about his trip. 

“We left with a big smile. It was a great experience and we are really excited for the public to see it all for themselves.” 

When asked what features stood out the most to him, Griffith specifically mentioned the front-facing camera, how smooth the Bronco rides, and easily being able to remove the top and doors. 

Bronco Off-Roadeo museum in Texas

Back in Bismarck

More information on this off-road course can be found on the Off-Roadeo website and if you’re interested in the Ford Bronco, check Eide Ford’s inventory of Ford Broncos or custom order your next new vehicle exactly how you want. 

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