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A Fun 2017 Season for Eide Ford's Softball Team

Posted at Wed, Aug 23, 2017 1:03 PM

Eide Ford softball team

As we all know, softball is a big part of summer life here in Bismark/Mandan.

With nearly 250 teams in 7 different classes, there are league or tournament games going on almost every night on softball diamonds all over town. Over the past 3 years, softball has also become a big part of the Eide culture.

Taking to the Field

In 2015, Eide Ford's softball team debuted in the Mandan Parks & Recreation Wednesday Night League. This was the 3rd season for the team.

Deno Muller, Eide Ford's longtime top salesperson serves as captain and also pitches for the team.

"It's a lot of fun to get together with the guys outside of work and do something fun and competitive together," says Muller.

Below is Eide Ford's team roster and batting order:

  1. Adam Griffith-Left Center Field*
  2. Deno Muller-Pitcher*
  3. Mike Wishek-Shortstop*
  4. Ben Mayher-1st Base*
  5. Brett Mayher-Left Field
  6. Andren Muller-Right Center Field


7. Ryan Else-2nd Base*
8. Don Pask-3rd Base
9. Weston Burning Breast-Right Field*
10. Rick Orr-Catcher
11. Bill Jochim-Utility
12. Lee Westby-Left Field

*Eide Ford employee

Eide Ford softball team

A Team in The Showroom and in the Dugout

Eide Ford's team is somewhat unique in that out of 12 players, 6 are employed at Eide Ford. Of the ones who are not: Don Pask is employed at Eide Chrysler, Andren Muller is Deno Muller's son, Brett Mayher is Ben Mayher's brother, and Rick Orr is Lamonte Mikesh's (President & General Manager) son-in-law.

This season the team went 10-16 in league play. They also won a tournament game at McQuade's.

"Our record didn't really indicate how good we were this year," said Muller. "We play Rec 4 and a lot of the teams in our division were Rec 1 & 2. So overall, I don't think we did too bad."

Eide Ford softball team


Rounding Third on a Stellar Season

There were a number of high points throughout the season.

Ryan Else, Parts & Service Director at Eide Ford said, "McQuade's was definitely a highlight this year. We won a game on Saturday but the whole atmosphere is fun, with all the teams that come out from across the state and country. It's fun to be a part of."

Don Pask, who has been with the Eide organization since 2011 and now serves as Used Car Manager at Eide Chrysler said, "My highlight was definitely Weston's (Burning Breast) home run. It was so fun to watch him hit that because he's been working on his game and it was fun to see it pay off."

Adam Griffith agreed that McQuade's was a highlight. He also said that it's great that Deno is still playing even at over the age of 50.

"What's also cool is that he is playing along side his son. I hope I can do that at that age," Griffith says.

The team has one final tournament left this year, the Last Chance Tournament in Dickinson on September 10th. The team won it in 2015.

"It was a fun season this year. I can't wait to do it again next year," says Muller.