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Eide Ford's Employee of the Month: Nate LaChance, Sales Consultant

Posted at Tue, Nov 7, 2017 1:11 PM

Employee of the Month Nate LaChance Eide Ford

Each month at Eide Ford, we select one team member as Employee of the Month. This is someone who goes out of their way to do something that not many others are willing to do, is always looking out for the entire team and all customers, and embodies the Eide Philosophy.

Sales Consultant Nate LaChance is our October Employee of the Month! This isn't the first time he's been recognized for his strong sense of teamwork and exceptional customer service, and if you've met Nate, you know why! 

A Team Player

Casey Neumann, General Sales Manager, says that Nate is a genuine guy who constantly has a positive attitude.

"The reason he received the award, first of all, is that his production was really good. Also, it's because of his flexibility and teamwork approach of helping everyone else -- sometimes before himself," Casey says. "He will help a customer at a moment’s notice. He drops everything and helps someone else's customer or even a service customer. He’s the first person here in the morning all month long... it's wonderful to work with someone like that. He's just a good guy." 

Nate is originally from Seattle and joined the Eide Ford team when he moved to Bismarck just over three years ago. He enjoys going on adventures with his children such as road trips, hiking, camping, and visiting the mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

Let's get to know more about Nate!



October 2017 Employee of the Month: Nate LaChance 

Looking back on over 3 years at Eide Ford, what are some important things you've learned when creating relationships with customers?

Nate: If you make sure to attend to all questions and needs, people are going to be happy. Don’t leave anything unanswered and know when to navigate customers in the right direction to others in the dealership. 

What keeps you motivated and excited about coming to work each day?

Nate: I'm always excited to meet someone new and it’s never the same thing; you never really know what to expect and it makes things fun and interesting. I'm a car guy myself, and I like getting people cars that they are happy with. 

What’s your day-to-day look like at work?

Nate: When I’m not contacting customers and busy selling cars, a lot of time is spent making sure past customers are getting everything they need. Things always come up after the sales, such as needing service, so a good portion of my time is doing that.

What’s something that you like to educate customers on when they come in looking for a new vehicle?

Nate: I just like to educate them on the areas where Ford shines as far as performance. That’s probably my favorite thing. Across the board -- our cars, pickups, SUVs -- we generally have the most power and still get good gas mileage. I like to try to spotlight the performance. I like to drive, so I like to sell people cars that are fun to drive.

What’s your dream vehicle?

Nate: I'm going to get an EcoBoost Mustang. 

Nate LaChance

Nate says he thanks Casey Neumann, General Sales Manager, for recognizing him as October Employee of the Month.

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