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Employee of the Month: Eric Hoffman, Service Technician

Posted at Fri, Apr 28, 2017 12:37 PM

We don't just want to be the solution to your next car problem. At Eide Ford Lincoln, our goal is to solve your next fifteen (and all the ones after that).

In our Service Department, we push each other to provide excellent service to every customer that stops by.

We do that by setting high standards, and making sure everyone on the team can learn from the best - like our March Employee of the Month, Service Technician Eric Hoffman.

Come September, Eric will hit his three year anniversary at Eide Ford Lincoln. But he works like someone who's been here longer.

"He's picked up on things in 3 years that some guys haven't picked up in 15," said Parts & Service Director Ryan Else.

That makes him an ideal team leader, helping out the newer guys when they get stumped.

"He's got a great work ethic. He's usually the first one here and the last one to leave," Else added.

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Eric Hoffman is the Employee of the Month for March 2017

Eric Hoffman
Service Technician at Eide Ford

Eide Ford's Employee of the Month for March 2017

What do you like about working at Eide Ford?

Eric: It's fast-paced, there's great people to work with, and there's always something to do. If there's not, they'll find you something to do.

It's just a great job and I enjoy doing what I do here.

What makes Eide a great place to get car or truck service in Bismarck?

Eric: The workflow is a lot better than other places. The layout is smart and helps us work efficiently.

Plus, they treat the employees well - it's amazing how well they take care of the people working for them. And that makes us want to give our customers amazing treatment, too.

What do you excel at in the Service Department?

I do everything from warranty work to driveline work, and general maintenance. But I like working with engines most, tearing them down figuring out what's going on and getting them working again.

How do you spend your free time? 

Eric: I go camping and boating. I've got a few muscle cars, so I like drag racing. If I'm not working on a vehicle here, I'm working on one out at the shop.

Who would you like to thank for this award? 

Eric: I want to thank Ryan Else and the other managers here for nominating me. Plus, I'm grateful for all the Bismarck truck owners and other drivers trusting me with their vehicles.

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