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Eide Ford's October 2018 Employee of the Month: Travis Dachendorf

Posted at Fri, Nov 9, 2018 2:00 PM

This month's Employee of the Month at Eide Ford is Travis Dachendorf.

Each month at Eide Ford, we select one team member as Employee of the Month. This is someone who goes out of their way to do something that not many others are willing to do, is always looking out for the entire team and all customers, and embodies the Eide Philosophy.

Travis Dachendorf is a service advisor, and he is our Employee of the Month for October 2018! 

The Eide Philosophy, 1,000 Oil Changes Later

One of the important pieces of the Eide Philosophy is to "create a lifetime customer by providing excellent products and customer service."

Taking that philosophy seriously is what helped Travis set-and reach-the goal of facilitating 1,000 oil changes in the month of October. 

Ryan Else, the Service and Parts Director at Eide Ford, says that Travis is just the kind of guy who would set such a large goal for himself...and accomplish it. 

"He’s got a really good drive," Ryan says. "You put a goal in front of him and he’ll go get it, because he's very dedicated to his work."

Keep reading for Travis's explanation of how he helped the Eide Ford service bay reach the goal of 1,000 oil changes (over 300 more than we normally service) in October. 
 Eide Ford's October employee of the month, Travis Dachendorf.

This is How They Did it

Q: What do you think is the secret to keeping your customers happy while doing so many oil changes?
The secret is hard work. And having good employees that you can trust, especially ones that have done a quality job for many years. Whether the customer's getting an oil change or tire service, just do your best and go above and beyond what everyone else does. 
We do the same quality of work for our usual average of 700 oil changes that we did for that 1,000. We’ve won three President's Awards in a row so anything under perfect isn’t satisfactory. 
Q: How did you reach that pretty big goal?
A lot of good guys who have been with me for the past seven or eight years and I can really rely on. They've been trained really well and we continue to train them. They double and triple-check their work. The guys are dedicated and work hard every day, all day long, and I really trust them. 
Every service writer really helped me out too. I cant be at my desk all the time, and Paige, Dan, Brandy, Amy, Rachel, and Brinley all really helped me with greeting customers and making appointments. They're all really professional and we couldn't have accomplished this goal without them. 
Q: Do you have any recommendations for people who are coming to get their oil changed?
In the wintertime, we’re only a day or two booked out, but we are by-appointment so call ahead of time. When you show up for your appointment, you can count on us to do the best job we can every time you show up. 

Next time you're in need of service in Bismarck, come on by! Or, check out the other folks working to solve your auto problems every day at Eide Ford Lincoln.


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