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Eide Ford Sales Team Stands Out in the Region

Posted at Tue, Mar 27, 2018 9:17 AM

Deno and Mike at Eide Ford

What's even better than an award-winning Eide Ford salesperson?

Two award-winning Eide Ford salespeople.

We're proud to announce that Deno Muller and Mike Wishek have been named two of the best Ford salespeople in the region. Deno, who you've likely met before, came in at #6 in regional sales in 2017, and Mike was ranked #30 out of 3,000 salesmen in the region. 

Boasting Top Numbers in the Region

These rankings and numbers mentioned above are based on two criteria: number of new Ford sales and the customer satisfaction index. The local region is compromised of over 3,000 Ford salespeople and covers North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and parts of Iowa.

That's a lot of cars being sold. 

"Yes, there are a lot of salespeople selling a lot of cars," says Adam Griffith, the new vehicle sales manager. "What separates Deno and Mike is the way they take care of the customer throughout the entire transaction."

Adam says both Deno and Mike deliver excellent customer service throughout each stage of the relationship – the process of going through features on a vehicle, the transaction, and following up and making a point of contact with the customer after the sale.

"They both do that very well," Adam says.

Their 'Why' Behind the Job

These achievements speak to the fact that selling vehicles is more than just a job for the Eide sales team. When looking at the "why" behind why these guys do what they do each day, Deno makes it sound pretty simple.

"I just like helping people," he's shared in the past. "I like to help people find solutions to their problems when searching for a new vehicle." 

Mike adds that working with different people is exciting and he enjoys selling to  people who never envisioned themselves driving a new vehicle.

"Overall, seeing customers be excited is the best part of the job. It's fun to make people happy and get them what they want," Mike says. 

It isn't all work and no play at Eide Ford, after all. Mike explains that exploring the features of a new vehicle with a customer can simply be fun,  and that he enjoys teaching people about the options in a new vehicle. 

"A lot of people may not expect heated seats being standard or being able to start your vehicle from your phone, and it's fun educate them on the capabilities of their new vehicle," he says. 


Experience Customer Satisfaction with Eide Ford's Team

In a world where car salespeople often have a poor reputation, Deno and Mike certainly help break that stigma. Deno points to the caring Eide team and says that taking care of the customer is top priority – all the way through the sales process. 

While he says it's common misbelief that salespeople just look out for themselves, Mike stresses the fact that customer satisfaction is something that the entire Eide organization holds to a high standard.

"Personally, I want everyone who comes in to see me to have a great experience with both myself and the company," Mike says. "With the way we price our vehicles and treat people, we're not out to take advantage of anyone. We want everyone to get the best deal possible a new or used vehicle and make the buying experience enjoyable."

While Mike and Deno are being recognized this month, there's a whole team of Eide Ford staff who work daily to create excellent experiences for our Bismarck-Mandan customers. 

Deno points to the strength of the entire team excelling at what they do, and says that means a customer will be put in front of the right person who's best able to help them. 

"Everyone from the finance department, to the sales managers, to the other salesmen all do a great job," Mike adds.

Adam echos this, and explains how the team mentality is enforced from an employee's first day at Eide Ford.

"If we can all be a team, what goes around comes around. There will be a time when everyone needs to help each other, and it works so much better this way, so we've tried to create a culture of making it a team game," Adam says.

To Mike, Deno, and our entire sales team – keep up the great work, and thanks for taking such great care of our North Dakota Ford customers!

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