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Employee of the Month: Chris Hill

Posted at Tue, May 21, 2019 1:30 PM

Eide Ford's team is dedicated to providing an excellent experience for every customer, and our people are willing to help out wherever they're needed.

Exceptional employees such as these keep things running smoothly both behind the scenes and in front of customers!

We're excited to have Chris Hill as one of our team members, and proud that he's the Employee of the Month and  Salesperson of the Month!

Meet Chris

General Sales Manager, Jesse Schuchard, says Chris deserves the recognition.

"In the last few months, he’s really stepped up and focused on bettering himself,” said Schuchard, who has worked with Hill for more than six years. "He’s got a great customer base, and he’s consistently at the top of our board in customer satisfaction. He’s pushed hard to add a few more customers to his list.”

When asked about what it takes to provide Hill’s level of customer service, Schuchard had this to say:

“It takes a strong work ethic, and customer service has to be your top priority,” said Schuchard. “Chris is not just selling vehicles to sell vehicles. He’s out there finding answers and helping people get the best vehicle to suit their needs. That’s where he excels.”

Thank you Chris, for your focus on great customer service!

Chris Hill at Eide Ford

Chris Hill

Sales Consultant

Eide Ford's Employee of the Month and Salesperson of the Month for April 2019

Q: Why do so many of your customers keep coming back to Eide Ford for vehicles?

I think people really value the consistency. Ford makes a great product, and nothing else out there can really compete with the selection and service we offer here.

Q: How long have you been at the dealership and what keeps you around?

I’ve been on the Eide Ford team since 2013. It’s a great place. The owners are great to work for. The people are great to work with. I think our whole team appreciates the company and the products we’re selling here.

Q: Eide Ford always has a great selection of monthly lease offers. Why is that? Are people leasing more in Bismarck?

I’ve noticed that more and more people are choosing to lease new vehicles rather than purchase. I think one of the main things people appreciate is the consistency.

When you lease, you always have a new vehicle, and it’s always under warranty. Eide Ford has a great process of doing leases. People like to know what they’re getting into, and they like to know that their dealership will be there for them. No matter which vehicles people choose, we make sure everyone has the same high level of customer service they had the last time they were in.  

Q: Do you lease?

I do! I have a 2018 Ford F-150 XLT in gray. After working here for six years and looking at what other people are buying, you kind of learn that leasing really is a great value.  

Q: What’s the secret to maintaining your high customer service scores?

It’s really not a secret. We just try hard to make things simple, fast, and fun as they possibly can be. We try to do things so people can come in and be relaxed.

One of my recent customers was working with other dealers, and he came in, and I gave him our hassle-free fair price right up front. He said he appreciated not having to haggle and negotiate. He gave me a 5-star survey.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

I live just a few blocks away from the dealership here in Bismarck, and I like to spend time with my dog and my mom who also lives in town. I’m also a big Twins fan. It’s been a great season for them so far!

Thanks, Chris, for your loyalty to your customers and dedication to our mission:

Time Saving. Hassle Free. Fair Price.  


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